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Education is key.

Our Speaking Team

Comprised of professionals, our volunteer BLFS members are available to schedule to share their passion and knowledge related to seniors, their families, caregivers and other providers to the needs of seniors.

There are two Seminar Presentations available:

1. Empathy For Elders

We walk the participants down memory lane to experience the gift of aging. This interactive and educational presentation is primarily focused on professional caregivers or family members and will reignite their passion for their role in caring for the elderly. Participants are offered the opportunity to learn about:

  • The Aging Process
  • Ailments Associated With Aging
  • Tips On How To Better Assist This Generation
  • How To Be A Better Caregiver
  • How To Provide A Better Quality Of Life For Our Older Generation

2. Shedding Light on Senior Myths

  • (Minimum 25 attendees)

Presented with 5-6 professionals from diverse fields of expertise that will introduce you to “Miss Daisy”, highlight some of the more common myths seen in each industry, and will help the attendees learn that sometimes their next-door neighbor may not be the best person to seek advice from.

This group will introduce you to reliable resources within Polk County.

Our Education Committee has presented to hundreds of students, health care professionals, family caregivers, health care facility team members, hospice volunteers, and many more. The presentation can be customized to present to any audience in any length of time. We can share a short 10-minute “This Is One Thing You Can Do Today To Make A Difference” or our complete 1-hour interactive presentation.

We are happy to speak at civic organizations, church groups, SNF’s, at your office or facility. To schedule our team to speak, please contact us:

(863) 588 - 6690

Conferences & Health Fairs

BLFS participates in various health fairs and programs throughout the year offering member information and promoting the coalition.

Guest Speakers at Monthly Meetings

Our monthly membership meetings are on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at various member locations, complimentary breakfast is included. A variety of speakers are invited to share items of interest to seniors and professional service providers. See the BLFS homepage and Events Calendar for more information.

Community Outreach

Our Community Outreach Committee is always looking for ways to get resources in the hands of those who need them.

The BLFS resources include:

• Website Directory includes information and access to all of our coalition members. You can search by business category, business name, contact name or keyword. The website also provides a plethora of resource referrals, educational articles, etc. to benefit our members and community visitors to our site.

• Membership Directory is printed in Polk ElderCare Senior Resource Guide for Polk County and available for digital download.

• Educational Seminars which BLFS sponsors:

Life Care Seminar a collaborative with Lakeland Regional Health - deals with advanced directives, guardianship, geriatric care management, elder law, etc.
Empathy for Elders Seminar - primarily focused on professional caregivers or family members
Shedding Light on Senior Myths Seminar - highlights common myths seen in each industry and introducing reliable resources
Conference Sponsorships and Health Fairs are part of BLFS community involvement thoughout the year and offer members information and coalition promotion
Grant Applications for funding BLFS Gives Back
Community Project Sponsorships


We are always interested in new ways to serve you and our Polk County community. Contact us to schedule our speaking to present to your retirement communities, civic organizations, churches or Assisted Living Facilities. We share what we do and of course, we are always looking to expand our membership network. Help us spread the word about what BLFS has to offer.